Our AHOF Message

A Band with a Message

The spirit that pervades and defines AHOF is celebration, connection, joy, and gratitude. You will feel this energy throughout our performance.

Love What We Do

Love what we do

What makes us tick? We love what we do, and are always committed to “killin’ it”, and doing an incredible job. We consider it a blessing and privilege to play, perform, and bring folks together in celebration.

One Big List!

Our Song List

How we pick our songs: There are thousands of fantastic songs that fall into the “mid-tempo” range that will empty the dance floor, no matter how great the song. We consciously avoid those songs, for your benefit, and concentrate exclusively on songs with great dance grooves, that will keep people on the dance floor. Beyond the dance oriented songs, we have a generous selection of ballads for the special moments.

Cocktail Hour

Acoustic Cocktail Hour

We typically provide cocktail piano as part of our wedding package. Beyond that we love doing our “acoustic cocktail hour”, where the full band gathers around a single microphone with acoustic instruments. We can also offer this as background music behind the meal.

A House on Fire Band :: Our Musical Story

A House On Fire prides itself on being the coolest band in the northeast, and possibly in the country, to perform for weddings, private functions, and corporate events. AHOF is no ordinary band. Definitely not a “wedding band”, but a real band that does weddings. Is it possible for a band to eloquently and convincingly play music across, pop, dance, reggae, rock, hip hop, country, R& B, and soul, genres? Yes, right here. Wrap that up with SIX killer voices and you have yourself an extraordinary band and a singular experience.

The AHOF song list is always topped off with killer, hip, recognizable, dance tunes, but there is a tremendous depth to the tune list, and to the musicianship necessary to recreate all this music convincingly. AHOF looks to have every audience dancing and partying like crazy, and every once in a while find themselves with a tear in their eye as the band brings out the emotion of the moment. With A House On Fire the accent is on making your event as fun and memorable as possible, bringing everyone together through music and celebration. Phrases like this are often loosely tossed around, but AHOF makes this their mission.

The band will go seamlessly from a new tune like “Cake By The Ocean”, to a Pfish favorite, to a fun oldie like, “C’mon, Eileen”, right into a kickin’ classic rock number, followed by a Prince favorite, or even a country sing along. A House On Fire adds special touches to every performance. We’re a band with a unique approach, whether we’re performing an acoustic cocktail hour, dinner hour, or an up close acapella song. Weddings and functions can be very, “cookie-cutter affairs”, AHOF makes them personal and special, and always creates an event that is memorable. AHOF instruments include; tenor sax, baritone sax, trumpet, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, ukulele, bass, drums, keyboards, synth bass . . .
and those SIX voices.

Looking forward to YOUR next event.

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